How To Use Midjourney AI To Create AI Art

How To Use Midjourney?

To get started with Midjourney Beta, you will need to have a Discord account.

You can sign up for a free account on Discord’s website and use it in a web browser or download the app for various devices including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iPhone.

How To Join The Midjourney Beta?

To join the Midjourney Beta, visit the Midjourney website at and select “Join the Beta

Midjourney AI
Midjourney AI

From there, you will be able to give text prompts to the Midjourney bot through Discord.

The bot will use these prompts to generate unique and original AI-generated art based on your input.

How To Connect To Midjourney?

To use Midjourney Beta, simply log in to Discord and start interacting with the Midjourney bot.

You can use our Midjourney Bot on their official Discord server as well as on any other Discord server where it has been set up. If you wish to invite the bot to your own community, follow the instructions on this page: Use Midjourney on your own Discord Server

How To Create Your First Image?

Once you are on a server with the Midjourney Bot, you can start creating your first image.

The tool allows you to create a limited number of images before requiring a subscription, with around 25 free uses of the “/imagine” command or other queries. These uses are also known as “jobs” or “GPU-minutes.”

Be warned, this stuff is addictive! We wanted to keep going after the 25 free uses and signed up for a basic account, which cost us $104.40 (inclduing NYS Taxes).

How To Use The Bot Commands?

Select one of the #newbies channels from the Discord client sidebar.

To create your first image, simply use the “/imagine” command or one of the other available queries and provide the necessary prompts or parameters. The Midjourney Bot will use these prompts to generate an AI-generated image based on your input.

Imagine Prompt
Imagine Prompt

Once your image is generated, you can use the various commands and options available in the Midjourney Bot to customize and fine-tune the image to your liking. You can also use the Bot to share your AI-generated art with others in the Discord community.

You can give it text prompts to generate images, or you can use the various commands and options available in the bot to customize and fine-tune the generated art. You can also use the bot to share your AI-generated art with others in the Discord community.

What Are The Best Text Prompts?

Be very clear about any context or details that are important to you in the final image.

To get the best results when using Midjourney or other AI art tools, it is helpful to use prompts that are visually well-defined and have a large number of images available online. This can include objects such as wizards, priests, angels, cities, mountains, and more. You can also use prompts with strong feelings or mystical themes, such as “a sense of awe” or “the birth of time.”

You can also describe a specific style in your prompts, such as “a cyberpunk wizard” or “a surreal landscape.” Some styles to consider include cyberpunk, psychedelic, surreal, vaporwave, alien, solarpunk, modern, ancient, futuristic, retro, realistic, dreamlike, funk art, abstract, pop art, impressionism, and minimalism.

Another option is to invoke the names of specific artists in your prompts to get a unique style. Some artists to consider include James Gurney, M.C. Escher, Salvador Dali, and Pablo Picasso. You can also combine the names of multiple artists to create new styles, such as “a temple by Greg Rutkowski and Ross Tran.”

In addition to specifying a style, you can also invoke a particular medium in your prompts, such as “a watercolor painting of a landscape” or “a child’s drawing of a home.” Some mediums to consider include painting, drawing, sketch, woodblock print, matte painting, charcoal drawing, oil on canvas, graffiti, watercolor painting, fresco, stone tablet, cave painting, sculpture, and more.

To get the best results, it is important to speak in positives and avoid negatives in your prompts. Language models often ignore negative words, so it is better to specify what you want directly, rather than trying to exclude certain elements. For example, instead of saying “a hat that’s not red,” say “a blue hat.”

It is also helpful to be specific and clear in your prompts, and to specify any desired compositions or angles. For example, instead of saying “monkeys doing business,” say “three monkeys in business suits.” If you want a specific composition, such as a portrait or an ultrawide shot, be sure to include that in your prompts.

By following these tips, you can improve the results you get when using Midjourney or other AI art tools, and create unique and original AI-generated art that showcases your creative vision.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, these tips can help you get started and make the most of your AI art journey.

So, be sure to keep these tips in mind as you begin creating your own AI-generated art.

How To Find Your Generated Images?

Requests take a minute to generate four options based on your prompt.

Your images will be visible on your website gallery at (you need to Sign In with Discord first).

From a PC sign in and go to

How To Upsale The Image Results?

After generating a 2×2 grid of images using Midjourney, you will see two rows of buttons appear. The top row includes the buttons U1, U2, U3, and U4, which can be used to upscale your selected image. Upscaling an image generates a larger version of the image, roughly 1024×1024 pixels in size, and adds additional details by default.

The bottom row of buttons includes the buttons V1, V2, V3, and V4, which can be used to create variations of your selected image. When you create variations, Midjourney will generate four new images that are similar in overall style and composition to the original image.

By using the upscaling and variation buttons, you can easily create larger and more detailed versions of your selected image, or explore different variations and alternatives based on the same image. These options can be useful for fine-tuning and customizing your AI-generated art to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Take note:

  • Upscale to Max upscales the image to an even larger resolution of roughly 1664×1664.
  • Using these buttons will also use some of your 25 free jobs.
    • To check how many uses you have left, use the /info command in the same way you used /imagine. (press the ENTER button if it doesn’t work initially)

How To Use Your Own Image As Inspiration?

If you want to use a selfie image or other as the inspiration for the genearive art, then follow these steps.

To attach an image as inspiration when using Midjourney, you can use the “/imagine” command or one of the other available queries and paste in the web address of the image in the prompt section.

You can obtain the web address of an image by right-clicking on the image and selecting “Copy Link Address.” This address should end in a file extension such as “.png” or “.jpg” if it is a usable address.

In addition to the image URL, you can also add text prompts to complement the image in the prompt section. You can see examples of how to do this in the “Imagine Parameters” visual guide on the Midjourney website.

To attach an image URL on Discord, you can simply paste the URL into the prompt field and press enter. The image should then be attached to your prompt and used by the Midjourney Bot to generate an AI-generated image based on your input.

Overall, attaching an image as inspiration is a simple and easy way to use Midjourney and create unique and original AI-generated art. By following these steps, you can easily attach an image to your prompts and use it as inspiration for your generated images.

You can also Upload an image in the command Window heover we couldn’t get this to work. The image uploaded but was not right-clickable to get a valid URL. Instead it gave a “BLOB” link.

The fix for this was to PRESS ENTER after the image has uploaded. It seems so simple, but this took us a lot of searching to figure out!

How To Make Private Images?

Using the process above, all your image, both uploaded and generated and fully visible to other users. They can even interact with your images to create variants.

If you Subscribe to a paid account, you can create your images in “Stealth” which keeps them from prying eyes.

Once Subsribed, “The Gallery” is a place where paid members can explore images being made on the platform and a central place to organize your own images, collect favorites, and more.

Midjourney are building a community that is open and welcoming to everyone. Their focus is on collective exploration and having fun, and encourage everyone to participate and share their creations with others.

However, they understand that some people may have a need to be private-by-default and opt-out of this open community.

If this applies to you, they offer a pro plan that costs $60 per month and includes the ability to activate stealth generation using the /stealth command. With this feature, you can create AI-generated art without it being visible to others in the community.

How Much Does It Cost?

Go to the Account Page to see current costs and usage rights/limits for each tier. Maybe yearly in advance is cheaper that monthly.

What Are The Terms Of Use For The Images You Create?

Midjourney states that “If you have subscribed at any point, you are free to use your images in just about any way you want.”

We would caution this as images may infringe other copyrights such as those of famous people or characters if your images portray a likeness of them.

We recommend you seek appropriate Legal Advice before using images in a commercial way such as paintings or T-Shirts. ETSY or Print-On-Demand services.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Midjourney Beta is a simple and intuitive way to create and share AI-generated art.

With just a Discord account and a few prompts, you can use the Midjourney bot to generate original and unique digital paintings that showcase your creative vision.

So, if you are interested in creating AI-generated art, be sure to give Midjourney Beta a try.


If you still have questions, these pages can also be helpful:

Good luck with your AI Art Generation! Please like and share.

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